Nearly 30 years in Vancouver

It is hard to believe, but I have been an agent in the Vancouver Metro Region for nearly 30 years. Over that time I have seen ups and downs in the market. I have also seen the suburbs grow wider and downtown grow taller. Together I use this experience for my clients as they enter into buying real estate in this unique market.

My Network

My network, is your network. From inspectors to mortgage brokers to general contractors, I have met so many people over the years in real estate. These relationships developed over time, are just a call away, and they are ready to help you navigate your home sale and purchase in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver Agent

For a large portion of my career I specialized in the Vancouver downtown condo market. I live right downtown and have really learned the fine details of buying real estate downtown. For example, if you are buying a condo with a view could that view be obstructed by future developments? These are the types of questions we need to ask and look into as a team.

Commitment to Information

We live in a new technological and information driven world. This is no different in real estate, buyers and sellers are more informed than ever of changing market conditions. It is my commitment to stay on top of available information and to share it with my team and clients through my content channels.

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